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Henderson PTCO Community Board Meetings

Our meetings are held on the last Wednesday each month at 6:45 p.m. We will have it in-person as well as a virtual link to be a part of the group whether you want to participate actively or just watch and listen. we have the meeting scheduled for one hour but hope to have it wrapped up sooner than that. if you have any questions, before or after, please don't hesitate to ask!

All PTCO meetings are not mandatory. You are free to participate or watch as much or as little as you prefer. Your presence (in-person or virtual) is more than welcome and input is encouraged!

In-Person Location: Henderson Elementary School Library

Agendas & Minutes


August 2022

Agenda         Minutes

September 2022

Agenda         Minutes

October 2022

Agenda         Minutes

Board Members


Jodi Seybert

Vice President:

Keasha Chappell-Hall


Lawrence Sutton


Reba Poskey


Brandon Morehead

Membership Director:

Kimberly Hebert

Volunteer Director:

Jennifer Upchurch

Social Media
Communication: Kathryn Conner

Hospitality Coordinator:

Kimberly Gaw

Enrichment Matters Coordinator: Lawrence Sutton

Husky Night Out Coordinator:

Jodi Seybert

Social Media

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